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Blackberry’s Big Move


There was a recent announcement that Blackberry users expect some changes to the software applications. The announcement was released via its official web portal for Blackberry users. Ever since it was announced last year in November, Blackberry users has been waiting with (almost) wild anticipation.

It seems that Blackberry users can now purchase applications for My World easily and share the apps on their phones with each other via QR Codes now.

Blackberry is a Paypal-supporting company, making purchasing of applications and software easy. This is done by associating the cell phone with the person’s Paypal account number or email address.

It is, indeed, good news that with the introduction of QR Codes, developers can now share their apps more easily. It is a little funny to note that Android phone users are ahead in this respect and Blackberry users had to wait this long for the implementation of QR Codes considering the fact that QR Code has been getting rapidly more popular in the United States this year.

For those who do not know what QR Codes are, it is a 2D barcode that looks like a mish-mash of black and white squares. If you own a smart phone or an android that is pre-loaded with a QR Code reader, all you need to do is to load up the QR Code reader, point the camera phone at the QR Code and then scan it. The QR Code will lead you to stuff like online data, information, websites, blogs, social networking sites, media files, and many, many more other things.

Some say that QR Codes acts like links that are placed in our real world that links us to the online world.

Now, with this new Blackberry implementation, owners of these phones can download extensions and apps by simply pointing their phones at the QR Codes. Users of Blackberry will be happy to know that this new implementation will serve as an enhancement for My World usage.

Head on over to their official website to find out more information about how to make better use of QR Codes.

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