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Black Friday: How Retailers Are Using QR Codes


Today is Black Friday and it is regarded as the start of the Christmas shopping season for U.S. retailers. If you have been to the stores, then you must have noticed that QR codes have been added to the usual Christmas decors and marketing displays of some of the biggest retailers we have.

QR codes are really everywhere, but this Christmas season, they are making your shopping much easier and faster.

Toys R’ Us, for instance, have sent out their Great Big Toys R’ Us Book. The annual publication is a catalogue of toys that parents can choose from and buy for their kids. This year’s edition, however, have QR codes featured with the toys so that you could see how the toys are played and in action before you buy them.

Sears have come up with gift walls that are not even inside their stores. The gift wall have QR codes on them that when scanned would take the customer to a page that lists down all the hottest toys this year. You also have the option to buy them online if you want. This is a great way for busy moms and dads to get their kids everything on their wish list for Christmas, without the hassles of long lines and without even entering a Sears stores. You can maximize your time waiting for your movie to start or while waiting for the bus by doing some Christmas shopping too.

Not every retailer, however, are using QR codes to sell more of their products. JC Penney is trying to give their customers more value by using QR codes to deliver a personal message with your gifts. When you buy a gift from JC Penney, you get a gift tag that has a QR code on it. Scan the QR code and you can record a voice message for your recipient. If your recipient scans the same code, your message would be played back to him or her!

Our sister site, CustomQRCodes.com has also reported on eBay’s use of QR codes to help donating money much easier, read all about it here: http://customqrcodes.com/story/155/eBay-and-QR-Codes-Make-Less-Fortunate-Children-Happy

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