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QR Codes is the in thing to talk about these days and that is all thanks to the fact that the United States is being swept by a techno-wave called QR Codes. For regular followers, you may already know what QR Codes is all about or some of you may have an inkling about what it can do, but here are little bite-sized information that you may not know about QR Codes.

So here goes the ‘did you know’s.

Did you know that QR Codes can be in color? You did? Well, did you know that there needs to be a certain level of contrast between chosen color and white so that it is easier to read? If the QR Code was yellow and white, we reckon that you will be having quite a bit of trouble trying to get the QR Code reader to read the code. Otherwise, darker shades can usually be read easily. It also depends on your camera phone and the quality of your QR Code reader.

Did you know that you can customize your QR Code with a brand? Or Image? Well, you can. There are portions of the QR Code that does not do much for retaining information, you see, and you can actually insert logo, emblems, flags, sign, a special signal or even your own picture into the QR Code. This, we think, is quite useful because QR Codes look alike and sometimes we have a hard time trying to differentiate one from another. Hence, with a logo, you know what you are scanning.

What is the difference between QR Codes and 2D barcodes? Well, 2D barcode is a category while QR Code is one of its sub-categories. There are other types of 2D barcodes out there in the tech world and QR Code is simply one of them. However, in the United States, the growth of QR Code is more noteworthy than other types of 2D barcode systems at the moment. We think that in time, QR Code will be norm.

The wonderful thing about QR Codes is that it is so smart that it does not only read links as we have been focusing on lately. For example, you could encode ‘Will you marry me?’ into a QR Code and then get your girlfriend to scan it as a surprise and nerdy way to propose. You could also put all your contact information into the QR Code so that people you meet can ‘download’ and instantly save your personal information into their phones via the QR Code.

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