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Big Fire Fanned With QR Code Campaign


What most people must realize (and very quickly too) that when it comes to QR Code marketing, there needs to be a level of fun in the campaign especially if you intend to engage the consumers with it. There isn’t much point in pointing the QR Code towards a website that isn’t suitable for or friendly to a mobile phone. Marketers need to remember that these are mobile phone users and PC-friendly websites are NOT mobile-friendly.

So, what do you do to make the QR Code campaign a more fun one?

Take your cue from Oregon-based wine-makers, R. Stuart & Co. their latest Big Fire 2010 vintage wine range comes with a QR Code on the label. I find it cool that they’ve decided to use QR Code to promote the wine and I absolutely fell in love with the ‘fun’ part too. I mean, there is no better time to view or do something funny than when you’re sipping at the latest bottle of vintage wine, right?

Thanks to our readers, they pointed us in the right direction. They accessed the code told us that the QR Code leads mobile phone users to a page with a video…a spoof of Chariots of Fire. They said that it was pretty funny. Funny enough for me to find it and post it up here for you to enjoy (too).

Anyway, after watching the video, mobile phone users have the option of clicking a link to a page where they are told that if they wanted to, they can share their favorite ‘Big Fire Moment’ and stand a chance to win prizes. Sharing their Big Fire moment means taking pictures or videos of them enjoying themselves with the wine.

All in one swift move, the company incorporated fun, creativity, technology and interactivity. More companies should come up with something like this. It would most definitely make efforts like the one Jimmy Fallon did a lot less…disheartening. Go Google up what Jimmy Fallon did during a show where Stephen Colbert appeared. The first half of the effort was creative but the last bit…not so much.

You be the judge, however. In the meantime, here’s the video.

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One Response to Big Fire Fanned With QR Code Campaign

  1. Rob P July 31, 2012, 12:09 am

    Found your site by Googling Big Fire QR code not working…and it’s not. Nothing worse. Maybe it was great when active but the error message I get just annoys me. Thoughts?

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