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Best Practices: How to Integrate QR Codes into Your Campaigns


Nowadays, it is no longer enough to just have a print marketing campaign or concentrate on just one marketing channel. You would need to synergize your marketing campaigns to gain more impact and reach a wider cross-section of your audience.

It is no secret that QR codes present a good way to make your mobile campaigns succeed. So more than traditional media, Internet advertising and other similar marketing channels, you also need a mobile campaign to go with all these, and for that you need to know how to use QR codes effectively.

Jim Levinger at Q-Ray Media gives us the 4 M’s that all successful QR code campaigns need: Motivate, Mobilize, Monitor and Monetize.

1. Motivate – How do you get your customers to scan the QR codes you have? You should be able to give your customers instructions on how to scan QR codes, including downloading and installing a QR code reader, and the proper way to scan the codes. More than this, however, you should tell your customer what benefits they can gain from scanning your codes.

2. Mobilize. Make sure that when customers scan your QR codes, they should be taken to a mobile- friendly page. This means that you should make sure that the website, video or any other content you have would display well on any mobile device.

3. Monitor. You should be able to track your QR code campaigns to see what’s working and what’s not. Therefore, you should choose a service that not only helps you come up with great QR codes but also provides a system for you to track your QR codes.

4. Monetize. QR codes should not be seen only as a marketing tool, but also as a sales tool. Think of ways on how to get your QR codes to generate some income for your company.

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