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Best Practices for QR Code Security


The issue on QR code security just won’t die. You are probably sick and tired of hearing about how QR codes are not safe to scan because they can direct scanners to malware or malicious sites. But we will never get tired of assuring marketers and consumers alike that QR codes can do you no harm as long as certain precautionary measures and best practices are observed.

Here’s our QR code best practices (yet again):

Get a QR code reader app that has the ability to screen the URL before it loads up.

Many people are always asking how they can make sure that they are scanning a safe or legitimate QR code. With an ordinary QR code reader application, there is just no way of knowing until it loads up completely. However, as security issues arise, app developers have come up with reader apps that can scan a URL and check if it is encrypted with something malicious. If it is suspiciously harmful, the scanner gets alerted and can terminate the scan, or it blocks the URL automatically.

Do not fill in forms.

If you scan a code and get directed to a login form, always remember never to fill it in for it may be a trap used by criminals to get access to personal information. Legitimate QR codes never ask for personal info.

Look for context.

Businesses and marketers always ensure that their QR codes are secure and safe, and as such, they would provide context for the QR code. This means that a legitimate code would include an explanation of what it aims to do, where it will take scanners, and how to scan it. Spam codes do not do this.

These are just the basic rules or measures to take. You could also go for a customized QR code to help your customers instantly identify that the QR code really came from you!

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