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Best Practice: Educate Your Customers in Using Near-Field Communication


Even though Apple has yet again snubbed near-field communication technology on its iPhone, you still have a couple of devices to work with making NFC marketing a viable option.

If you are planning an NFC marketing campaign, do not make the mistake that other marketers have committed: educate your customers about NFC.

For some marketers, it is enough to put up NFC smart tags and the words “tap here” to their products, marketing posters and business cards. They think that since they know all about NFC other would too.

This is probably the biggest reason why your NFC marketing campaign is doomed to fail. NFC is a relatively new technology. A lot of people may not even have heard about it.

The few who have heard about it may not know too much about NFC. For some they may not even know that their smartphones have a near-field communication chip in it. There are also others who do not how to activate it.

So how do you make sure that your customers are not confused? Include instructions with your NFC tags.

1. Introduce near-field communication. You would need to tell your consumers what NFC is and how it works. More importantly, how they would know if their phones have the chip in it.

2. Show them how it works. Next, you would need to tell your customers how to activate their NFC, and how to use it.

3. Tell them what they can get from you. You are basically asking your customers to do something for you so you have to tell them what they can give back in return. Make sure that you tout the benefits of tapping on your NFC tag, such as getting an exclusive deal, discount or getting more information about your product.

If you have already purchased smart tags that have the simple words tap here, you might need to play a poster explaining what these are for. These posters should be highly available in your store and should include all the information we have outlined here.

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