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BeQRious Allows You to Create a Customized QR Code for Free

If you need a QR code, there are a lot of sites and services out there that allows you to easily create a QR code. These services are often free.

BeQRious is one of the first to have offered such a valuable service and we have made it better. Did you know that you could now create a customized QR code for your business? Yes, we allow you to have those neat looking, very colorful QR codes for free and in just seconds!

Some businesses that make use of customized QR codes go through an agency that creates the QR codes for them, usually for a significant fee. Others spend a lot of time trying to customize their QR codes by themselves. This involves hours of trying to figure out what parts of their QR codes they could modify and still make it work.

Fast, free and easy.

With BeQRious’ QR code generator, you can easily have a colorful and customized QR code for your use in just seconds. All you have to do is to input the URL, or photo, or whatever content you are going to put behind your code, choose the colors you like, and then add the image you want to incorporate into the code. Once you create the code, you could easily download it and put it up on your marketing materials.

Just look at this tutorial to see how easy it is! How to add a graphic to your QR codes.

Brand your QR codes.

A service like this is very handy if you want to use branded QR codes. You could include your company’s logo into your QR code, or even use your company’s colors. Not only does this make for a very attractive customized QR code, you can also communicate to your customers that the QR code did indeed come from you and is not from some hacker.

If you want to track your QR codes, check out the easy and affordable packages being offered by BeQRious Tracker.

For more complex Customized QR codes, you can visit http://customqrcodes.com/

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