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Bentleyville Shows Love for QR Codes


Bentleyville will now have QR codes posted all over town, as part of the initiative to make the village smartphone-friendly.

Those who can these QR codes will be taken to a specific website that gives out information about Bentleyville. It will be posted at various locations such as the village hall, the park and their official website, along with some local stores, in newspapers and other places that are frequented by people.

One of the QR codes will be put up in the village park and will give out information about native species of flowers and animals such as the indigo bunting birds and buttercup flowers. The town is trying to educate visitors and residents. For example, QR codes warn people not to touch buttercup flowers because it can irritate them.

Other codes will inform residents about opportunities to volunteer their time and effort for various causes. Some codes will inform them about when they could fish, along with the best fishing holes in town. vThe village’s transformation was initiated by Councilwoman Christine Comstock who said that the mobile page is already up while the QR code will follow within the month of June. This is not a one-off effort, however. Comstock revealed that these QR codes would be updated regularly, so that people would have more reasons to scan them and learn more about upcoming events and projects.

You can also use the code to get in touch with the village council and tell them what you think, as well as important contact numbers such as the town hall phone number, the village park and the police department.

Can’t wait to see the information behind the QR codes? You can see a sample code on the village website at http://villageofbentleyville.org/. Scan the code or click on it to access the mobile site that they have prepared.

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