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Beating Food Allergy In Restaurants


You may not know the trouble that some people have to go through whenever they have to eat out at a restaurant that they are not familiar with. It could be a friend or a family members’ birthday that you want to celebrate with in their favorite restaurant but with a food allergy looming over your head, it would be hard to pick and choose the food that you want to eat without seeming picky and snobbish.

Now, if restaurants used QR Codes to tell patrons about what exactly are the ingredients that were used in their dishes, life would be so much easier for those with troubled tummies.

So far, we have seen them in advertisements, commercials, product packaging, museums, parks, cupcakes, clothing, books and what-nots, how about using it to save consumers with food allergies some trouble? I strongly think that it would win the restaurant a lot of brownie points even with those who do NOT have a problem with their food. If these restaurants told consumers EXACTLY what is in their food with a QR Code, it serves to give people the impression that they really, truly care about what goes into their patrons’ stomachs. That can only be a good thing.

MADgreens, a restaurant chain in Colorado, a chain run by Gipsee Inc., have started doing so in hope of helping their customers make more informed decisions when they are eating at any one of their restaurants. According to the co-founder of the company, it is more practical to use QR Code because information is available instantly right in the palm of the customers’ hands before they make a decision. So, before ordering, check the ingredients by giving it a quick scan and there you have it – all the information that you need. I am sure people with food allergy are giving the outlet the thumbs up.

This move seems apt because according to a recent report, it showed that there was a record-breaking five point three million scans just in June 2012 alone. The figure is positively mind-blowing indeed. If we wanted to get into the details, there were one hundred and twenty scans per minute. And the report is based on just one specific system that they are using…can you imagine if we included all other trackable QR Codes all over the world? It would be astonishing indeed.

What do you think would improve your experience in a restaurant? Would you take the time to scan QR Codes in menus or displays before ordering?

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