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BCNTouch Runs QR Code and NFC Treasure Hunt

QR codes and near-field communication have been pitted against one another because of the various similarities they have in linking the offline and online world in an easy manner. Both are very flexible and both provide an extended mobile experience for smartphone users.

However, while people are saying that NFC would be the death of QR codes and vice versa, it is very possible for these two mobile technologies to work together. In fact, it would be great to see more and more marketers use both NFC and QR codes in their campaigns.

This is something that BCNTouch did at the Mobile World Congress. BCNTouch wanted to give away 200 bottles of Bodegas Torres wines to the congress attendees. To make it more interesting, they came up with a treasure hunt using QR codes.

And near-field communication.

Take note that BCNTouch is the company behind the TouchActive platform, which is powered by NFC. Yet for this particular hunt, the company opted to include QR codes in the hunt.

Treasure hunters at the event can visit six different exhibitor booths that display either a bottle of Gran Coronas 2007 or Vina Esmeralda. They should snap the QR code or touch their phone to the smart tags found with these bottles.

The capture will give the participants detailed information about the wine and get serving suggestions too. They could also check out similar wines and share it on Facebook or Twitter.

If they have “captured” both bottles, they can claim their free Bodega Torres wines from the BCNTouch booth.

To make it more interesting, BCNTouch will be showing a heat map during the event to show how participants are interacting and where they are during the hunt.

We think that this is a great way to make sure that more people are included in your marketing campaigns. NFC is a great technology, but admittedly only a few handsets have the capability to read smart tags. QR codes, on the other hand, are more widely used and recognized. This is the edge of QR codes, no matter how many other new technologies crop up in the future, it will always be relevant and will always be used.

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