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BBB of Kansas Helps Educate People about QR Codes


It’s really nice to know of government bodies and private organizations who share information and technical know-how related to QR codes with others. Take for example the town of Camden, in Maine, which hosts a seminar on QR codes for the benefit of its small businesses

Just recently, the Better Business Bureau, or BBB, of Kansas, is also lending people a hand and is helping inform and educate them about these two-dimensional matrix bar codes. The BBB of Kansas offers tips about QR codes, which are seen almost everywhere – from advertisements, to store window displays, to real estate signage, to product packaging.

The BBB of Kansas, an organization that upholds and forms the standards of business in the state, recognizes how QR codes can benefit companies or businesses. The BBB believes that if these codes are used in the proper way, they can positively impact how companies market their products and services to Kansas consumers.

The BBB acknowledges that while QR codes are gaining ground and are becoming more and more popular these days, there’s still a good number of consumers not familiar with these black-and-white codes. This is why the organization has decided to help consumers know more about QR codes by releasing a series of recommendations on QR code usage and application.

The BBB further relates that with the increasing number of people using QR codes, there’s also an increasing number of suspicious codes that could lead to harmful online content and sites with malicious software. Thus, the BBB also issued warnings and implores consumers to be cautious when scanning QR codes they see everywhere. It even suggested the use of security software which one can install on his or her smartphone and which can help protect him or her from any malicious content.

More specifically, the BBB offers these tips to consumers in order to protect themselves from harmful QR codes:

Be cautious when scanning a QR code from any unknown source. QR codes on e-mail attachments and flyers handed out in public, as well as those codes that offer extraordinary discounts or deals are suspicious.

Always check the label that accompanies a QR code. The codes can be easily printed on stickers and can be applied over legitimate codes, so always take a close look before you scan one.

If you are asked to fill out forms or to create a log-in account from a QR code, consider it suspicious. Always guard your credit card information and personal data from any phishing attempts.

Protect your mobile phone by purchasing a security software designed to safeguard any personal data stored in your device.

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