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Author Markets Manga Man Book With QR Code

We wrote about a new technology that enables normal people like you and me the opportunity to wear our products, links, blog, facebook profiles, etc on our tshirts. This is what Besher have decided to do.
Alexander Besher wears a QR Code on his shirt that leads people who use their mobile phones to the product itself. The product is a book called ‘The Manga Man’. From his website, the book is about a half-digital, half-human Japanese post-zen dancer-assassin from the Edge of the Future. Sounds like what The Matrix script would have been like when first presented for review as a movie – out of this world. But it’s interesting to note that many people who have reviewed his work came up with very good comments and feedback. Considering the mission of the main character is to stop the warlords who seek to clone the universe, this should make for both a good read and watch, in the event they decide to turn this into a movie, that is.
So, this author has started wearing the QR Code on his shirt….your question would be, what does it do?
Well, all you have to do is to whip out your mobile phone, snap a picture of the jumbled-up squares, lines and boxes called QR Codes and with a software, the QR Code will be decoded and you will get direct access to the book! Currently, Besher is merely marketing via the QR Code in his own country where smartphones that comes with pre-installed scanners is not yet made widely available. Hence, the success rate of his QR Code marketing tactic may come into question.
However, we’re happy to note that this author is way ahead of his peers and counterparts. It’s hard to find an author or a writer who is as technologically ‘linked-up’ as he is. Whether it is six months down the road or a year from now, the question of whether the QR code fad will hit America or the Western world or not is…not the question. It will, that’s the answer.

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