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Austria’s Month-Long Scavenger Hunt


Considered to be one of the most amazingly beautiful places on earth today, Salzkammergut (Austria) is the perfect place for a vacation. It’s an incredible place to be in for a whole month – hunting down QR Codes and standing the chance to win prizes like a week of free holiday, an electric bicycle or a mobile phone.

However, the scavenger hunt is almost over now because it started Aug 3rd and will end on September 13th.

Well, if none of the prizes hits your fancy, at least you spend a whole month having fun. There are eleven starting points and each starting point has their very own QR Code. When scanned, the QR Code will lead the participant to the next QR Code. It will be interesting because the QR Code will reveal to the participant to clues that will lead them to the next stop, the next will lead them to the next, so on and so forth until they’ve collected all eleven of them. Needless to say, the person or group first to complete the journey wins their grand prize.

They also have a points system which is aimed at bringing participants discount coupons for admission to various facilities. They even offer Casino Account for you with pre-loaded credits!

We’re not sure about this but according to a source, anyone can pick a point as their starting point and all the starting points are organized in and around the North Austria. Reports and checks are done to ensure the safety of their participants.

A weekly winner will also be rewarded with a mobile phone so, if a participant collects the most credits within the week, they don’t walk away empty-handed, at least.

As mentioned in earlier posts about the latest uses of QR Codes, it seems that more people are catching on with the amazing QR Code technology. Many parts of the world are still a little ignorant about the use of QR Code and how it works. If you’re QRious, we suggest you read up about QR Codes in the wikipedia page. It’s very comprehensive.

In short, QR Codes are these square boxes that look a little bit like a black-white jigsaw puzzle. What you do with it is that you use a mobile phone installed with a QR Code reader, take a picture (scan) of the QR Code with your cell phone and then you will be led to a mobile web page which is equivalent to a page on a website that you view on your personal computer or laptop.

The difference is that the web page goes with you wherever you go as long as you have your cell phone with you and have access to the internet.

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