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Australians Fly With QR Codes


One of the lousiest things about flying is this – the long lines. Every time we think of flying, we can’t fight the dawning dread of having to stand in line for boarding passes and then more waiting for the flight home. Waiting in line at the airport is akin to being stuck in a gridlock traffic – to be abhorred.

Therefore, it is fantastic news that more and more airlines are putting into place a paperless QR Code boarding pass system. The latest to join in is Australian airlines, Qantas. Qantas’ new QR Code boarding pass system is pretty much the same as the systems being implemented in other countries.

For those who are unclear about what a QR Code is, let’s just say that it is the link to an online world. But how would that help people board their flights, you ask? Well, you see, QR Code does not only act as a link to the online world. It is a system that is so flexible that you can literally encode quite a fair number of things in there, which includes flight details and personal information. That is why it works perfectly as boarding passes, movie tickets, coupons, and even as a payment gateway!

One might think that it is an insignificant fact. That we are all making a big hoo-haa out of a fad that will fade in no time. How much paper can we save by eliminating paper boarding passes? With millions of people flying from one place to another every single day, that would make up a significant reduction of millions of pieces of paper every day. Over time, that could mean something for Mother Earth.

Another great thing about using QR Codes as boarding passes, you will never lose them again, lest you lose your phone. These days, cell phones are well-kept and protected properties. In today’s modern society, no one can really live a day without their cell phones.

For Qantas, the QR Code boarding pass system is being implemented for domestic flights and is available via the Mobile check-in counter, as opposed to the conventional long lines at the airport. These mobile check-in counters will be made available at Brisbane,Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth airports. For the whole up-dated list, please visit Qantas website.

At the point of publication, other airlines who have implemented the QR Code boarding passes are our very own American Airlines, Air Canada, Dutch Airlines and some others in the European corners of the world.

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