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Australia Casts Its (Inter)Net


When the white whale was briefly introduced in a video explaining twitter and how it works on youtube, no one really knew how Yiying Lu came into the picture. Well, Lu is the one who came up with the idea and design for the white whale being hauled out of the water by little birds. Surprisingly, people fell as much in love with the whale as they did with the bird that is synonymous to twitter

YiYing Lu is not only an Australian-based artist who was born in Shanghai, she’s also a Twitter addict. So, when there’s something as big as Australia’s 1st ever Web Week, you can be sure to see big names out there, especially those who are active in the microblogging and social networking scene in which case, this includes Miss Lu. 

For more info about Web Week, head over to their website over here: www.webweek.com.au. What’s unique about Web Week is that they will try to show a combination of art and the World Wide Web in the exhibition; hence, Miss Lu’s appearance. The internet is a launching pad for many creative, whether they are online or not, businesses therefore, it makes sense to combine both of them in one exhibition.

The artist went a few steps ahead of her competitors by being the first to ever fully embrace the link between real life, i.e. physical art pieces, with QR Code. Basically, there will be this very unique t-shirt and when the wearer of the t-shirt stands in the path of a camera, they will see a (previously hidden) QR Code on it. We’ve not tried it for ourselves but words out that the there will also be a bird (think Twitter) with a twitter feed scrolling along beside the QR Code…or it could be over it. The feed is not only visible to the wearer of the t-shirt but it will also be reflected on a large wall for everyone else. 

Web Week will run for eight days from the 2nd till the 9th of October this year. Although not much is mentioned about all the other exhibitors, we would like to think that a lot more people are reaching out to the possibilities that QR Code technology holds. 

Last year, many internet companies were holding their own events. So, this year, it’s a good thing that they finally got together to leverage on each others’ strengths and exhibit as one. The event is open on the 2nd and admission is free. If you’re in Australia then, be sure to check it out.

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