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AUDI Japan’s Not-So-Interesting QR Code Campaign


If you want to do something, do it big….so believes Japan’s AUDI car manufacturing giant. Gathering together more than a hundred of their staff together, they are attempting the big feat of putting together the world’s biggest QR Code as part of their century birthday celebration. They’ve been around for a hundred years. Wow.

Anyway, the German-based car brand have, I’ve heard, brought together a hundred and thirty of their staff in Japan and are putting together a more than one-hundred-and-fifty-nine square meters QR code. Each of the staff will be holding a board above their heads and then standing together. The QR Code can only be seen by birds, apparently. But it’s a feat.

They’ll be, I am quite sure, taking lots of pictures of this feat and will catapult stories and press releases to ensure maximum coverage.

What I find wrong with this whole QR Code campaign is the purpose of it all. While it’s interesting to put together something like this, there should be an incentive for a cell phone user to whip out their cell phones, open the reader, scan the QR Code and wait for it to load.

What they will see is merely a flash animation of nothing more than….an advertisement. Where’s the incentive? It’s our guess that because everyone in Japan is already using QR Codes, they don’t mind scanning the code….just for fun but still, it’s certainly a waste of time for both the company and the cell phone user.

It would have been much better if they had made a concerted effort to bring in a contest, give something away (like a steering wheel should be good enough), have a write-up, offer a song download, a celebrity special interview, etc. You get the idea.

For a cell phone user to scan the QR Code and come eye-to-eye with a music-less boring advertisement seems kind of off-putting if you ask us.

Anyway, it’s not our advertisement and we’re just reporting it as it is. In case we missed something, please do feel free to correct us.

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