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Art galleries should be afraid….VERY afraid right now because with the rate artists are jumping onto the cyber space shuttle with the QR Code gun in hand, artists will be jumping out of renting spaces in art galleries and housing them in a more conducive or financially-feasible manner….on the streets! Well, it’s just one of the ways (many others yet to be discovered) of gaining exposure for their art work on a larger level. All this is happening on the streets of Bristol, 105 miles west of London.

As far as we know, the Street Art Dealer project was just launched and they are trying to discourage artists from sending their work to art galleries to be exhibited. Not only is it more expensive that way, the exposure that the art work gains from the crowd depend on the people who run the gallery. On July 9th, the Street Art Dealer rolls out in its full glory as they start getting street artists to put in their art work in a very dynamic and innovative way using QR Codes and Geo Tagging technology.

We’re pretty sure the people back with art background are stumped as to how it will work but will be fascinated with how much exposure they can get through the mobile phone technology. This project aims to make street-based art work more commercially available instead of having it confined to within the four walls of the gallery. Even really good art can end up sitting in the storage for years on end, never seeing daylight.

According to the reports that we have found, it seems that each piece of art will come with a QR Code. When potential customers see it, all they have to do to find out more information, price, origin and all other pertinent information relating to the creation of the piece will be made available on the mobile phone instantly.

What’s interesting is also the fact that the group is also going to use the Geo-tagging technology which helps people find the art pieces that they.

Actually, when you think of it on a deeper level, the QR Code technology might change the way art galleries are run now that this project, if it takes off, runs smoothly and successfully. In fact, galleries can even be EMPTY because you literally don’t have to rely on personnel to do the admin work anymore.

The opening night’s come and gone but from the 10th till the end of July 2009, you can still hop over to 74-76 Horsefair, Broadmead, Bristol, MSI 3JS for a look on Thursday, Friday and Saturday anywhere between 12pm to 4pm. It closes a little later on Saturday at 7pm. Oh. And there’s no admission fee.

For more information, visit http://www.stealfromwork.org/

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