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Arkansas Is First To Go With QR Code


It seems as though, Arkansas, as big as the state is, will be the first to ever put through a plan to incorporate QR Codes in a state-wide action plan. The Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism is already deep in the planning and launching the said QR Code tourism promotional plan on October 1st this year. One might question how the plan is going to be carried out. But before that, let’s explain what QR Codes can do. QR Codes is a lot like your conventional 2d barcode except for the fact that it can contain a lot more information. QR Codes can be scanned using a software called a QR Code reader that needs to be installed into any smart phone; it’s widely available for download throughout the internet. The QR stands for ‘quick response’.

Many companies in the country are already using QR Codes to promote their businesses via business cards, leaflets and brochures; larger retail stores are using QR Codes as coupons; airlines are using it as a paperless ticket. While in New York, NFL games are beginning to make use of the technology to post the scores in Time Square, Little Rock Arkansas is doing much more than that. With the QR Code, vacationers, holiday-goers and foreign visitors will find the department’s mobile web page for directions, information, reviews and many other useful references.

For instance, if a tourist from Australia is here in Little Rock for a vacation but does not know which route to take to get to his intended destination, all he’s got to do is to snap open his mobile phone, scan a QR Code, find himself browsing through the mobile page or is led to a Google Maps page where he is given explicit information about how to get from point A to point B.

The state is also creating reviews, suggestions and articles that will be useful for foreign visitors who need recommendations like the ones we can find via the internet. It would give holiday-goers ideas about how to organize their itineraries, where to head to for fun day trips with kids, or maybe toss them an idea or two about the most scenic driving routes. It’s Lonely Planet but without the television or the book.

In a lot of ways, this QR Code initiative aims at reducing the stress of traveling in a foreign place. While there are already many different websites offering such information, none of them are on-the-go. One would have to, literally, lug a laptop around in order to access the information. So, now with the QR Code, all you need is your camera phone.

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