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Are You Hitting Your Target Market with QR Codes?


BeQRious.com has some more statistics from the MGH study.

Previously, we reported to you about QR code usage statistics, wherein we highlighted that most people scanning a QR code wanted to get more information, or a discount.  

Further, the MGH study also highlighted the increasing QR code uptake among consumers, reporting that 32% of smartphone users have already scanned a QR code while 70% of them either plan to scan a code for the first time or scan one again in the near future.

As a marketer, you often wonder whether a particular channel, ad, or campaign is reaching your intended audience.  You might be able to get an idea from the MGH study if you are indeed hitting the bullseye with your QR campaigns.

Here is what we learned from the MGH results.

1. Where they are seeing QR codes.

The MGH study found that 65% of current smartphone users have seen a QR code in one place or another.  More than half of them saw a QR code on the product’s packaging itself.  While 45% saw it in magazines and the same number saw it on coupons.  More than a quarter saw it on ads running in newspapers.

2. The profile of a QR code scanner.

Someone who scans a QR code would tend to be female, highly educated, earns a good income and is 35-54 years old. 

This is not surprising as the MGH sample was composed of smartphone users, who more or less fits the profile.

However, the demographics are not that skewed. A closer look at the results show that a QR code campaign could easily target people from other age groups, men, and educational level.  See our graph to find out just how other people are scanning .

3. How they remember your QR code campaign.

Probably the best reason to put a QR code on your ads is the added ad recall it gives you.  A whooping 72% of those asked in the MGH study said that they are somewhat or very likely to remember an ad with a QR code.  If for this alone, all marketers should serious consider a QR code campaign!


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