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Are You Allergic to That Food? Find Out for Sure with a QR Code!


Food allergies are one of the most dangerous things that a person could experience. It can be life threatening if it is not treated immediately. You can be traumatized by puffy eyelids and swollen windpipes making it difficult to breathe.

Those who suffer from food allergies know very well how frightening it is to eat something that they are allergic to and avoid these at all costs. However, how do you know if the food you order at a restaurant has the allergens, you want to avoid or not?

MADgreens, a restaurant chain in Denver, CO, is using QR codes to let their diners know more about the food they order. QR codes are placed around strategic locations within their restaurants. When scanned, these QR codes prompt the customer to list down the different ingredients they want to avoid and it lets them know which items on the menu do not have these ingredients. The good news is that if you are allergic to a lot of kinds of food, you do not need to specify these one at a time, you can enter everything and the app will give you a shorter list of safe food.

MADgreens’ allergy list is not limited to the usual nine allergy categories seen at most other restaurants. What’s more, the QR code brings important allergen information to their customers when they are ordering. Most other restaurants list down their ingredients on their websites where it is not accessible to the customer when he or she orders. In short, these QR codes make it very convenient for the customer to know what food is safe for him or her without having to wait long for the ingredients list to come up at the website.

It is not only for those with food allergies, but also for those who are vegans and vegetarians or those who are trying to lose weight.

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