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Apps: The Numbers


Still doubting the power of apps for your marketing?  Let the numbers speak for themselves!

Forrester Research has come out with a study that says that while there is an even split in the number of tablet users and PC users in the United States in 2010, there will be 15.6 million more tablet users than PC users in 2012, and almost twice as many tablet user as PC users in 2015.  In short, in just four years’ time, tablets would be more widely used than PCs, with as much as 82 million Americans using it.

Forrester also found that a good deal of users would be using their tablets for checking, reading and replying to their emails, or look up information online.  More than half to around two-thirds of users would use tablets to play games, watch videos, look at pictures, do their social networking activities, listen to music or research or buy products.

61% of those interviewed by Forrester also said that they use apps on their tablets.  The average tablet user spends $34 to download 17 apps on their tablets.  Apple, on the other hand, has reported that they had their 10 billionth download for their apps.

Compared to songs, apps are the clear winner when it comes the number of downloads.  Apps have now breached the 10 billion mark, and it is only in its 31st month.  Songs took more than twice that long to reach 10 billion downloads at 67 months!

According to AppAdvice.com, 30 million apps are downloaded around the world daily.  This number excludes app updates.

BeQRious.com allows you to take advantage of the apps trend.  We can help you come up with an app to help you with your marketing, or enable you to sell more products, gain more visitors to your website and even increase your brand recognition.


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