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Apps That Keep You Connected, and Why They Cannot Beat Facebook


Facebook currently have more than 1 billion users and because it has been steadily working on its mobile presence, some of its popularity has spilled over onto it mobile applications.

It is understandable that Facebook’s mobile apps have some copycats. In fact a number of these copycats are gaining traction and clocking in downloads.

These are:


Kik currently has more than 40 million users and it is expanding by the minute.

Kik offers a fast and reliable smartphone messenger service. It hides your phone number by making use of your user name keeping your details confidential.

Kik allows you to send instant messages over the Internet so you save on data usage and SMS allocations. You could also send drawings, videos and pictures to your friends.


You can save on your SMS with WhatsApp. It is a cross platform app so it does not matter what smartphone your friends have, they can communicate with you. And it is not just instant messages but also photos and videos. You can also have group chats if you want.


KakaoTalk claims to have more than 72 million users all over the world. It allows you to call anybody worldwide for free. What’s more, it makes communication fun by adding a world of features such as emoticons, themes and unlimited group chats.



LINE allows you to interact with your friends and claims to have over 130 million users in 230 countries. Messages are quickly delivered and you get free voice calls, have your own social network and other features.

These apps are becoming popular because they combine both social networking and SMS messaging in a mobile app. But they will never beat out Facebook.

Facebook is already there. Most of the apps we have mentioned, no matter how popular, are still building up its user base. Facebook already has a strong following and they just need to capitalize on that. It is just no fun if your friends are not there.

What’s more, they also have a full-blown platform where you can play games and do other stuff more than just messaging your friends.

A clear sign that Facebook is not in danger of losing its users is that even the most ardent users of these apps are staying on Facebook.

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