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Applications With QR Codes In 2009


In order to gauge how far we will go in 2010 in terms of adopting QR Code technology in the United States, we need to see what went on in 2009. Here, in this blog post, let’s do a little bit of reflecting.

Remember how when ShopSavvy was announced, probably a big part of Asia was rocking with the news? Well, that was when HTC HERO was launched together with Google and Samsung. For those who missed this news, here’s a short recap. ShopSavvy is an application that lets shoppers track shopping deals anywhere on the planet with a single scan of a QR Code. Once scanned, the QR Code will reveal in-depth information about the product and also price list for comparisons sake.

On a similar note, Dealert is a service for the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi phones that gives the consumers the power to track deals posted on some huge dealing sites. One search is all that is required instead of logging into multiple platforms or websites. One scan of the QR Code is all that is needed to be alerted whenever a deal for the said product is made available on those sites.

We are also pretty happy that 2010 will be a little healthier and more organized too.

Take, for instance, Fat Secret’s Calorie Counter. The application’s aim is to help users monitor their fat intake to successfully reduce their weight. It goes beyond merely using QR Codes to give users nutrition information in the food. There is also a record of progress, journal, menu, daily food intake plan, etc. Blackberry users have some really awesome raving reviews about the application.

Palm Pre users, fret not. If you wish to have the same application, there is a similar application called Diet Control.

On the exercise-front, there are applications using QR Codes out there in cyber space that encourages outdoor exercise and sports like biking, hiking, running, and jogging. AllSport GPS and JogStats are two such applications that helps track speed, time, routes, burned calories and also help keep a journal and keeps track of progress.

The same way Outlook Express is used on a personal computer or laptop, Evernote is a digital organizer that helps organize a busy person’s workday with notes, lists, scheduler, business cards, etc.

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