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Apple Bids to Train Karaoke Singers with New Technology


Have you ever been to a karaoke joint and despaired over somebody “butchering” your favorite song? Do your ears perk up when somebody sings off-key? Do not fret, valuable and high-tech help is on the way.

Apple is currently looking at software that is aimed to tell people when they are singing badly, or at least tries to correct them. The company is trying to patent a technology that tells people when they are singing off-key, and would, perhaps, have this available on both iPod and iPhone devices.

The technology will use songs in your iTunes library and let you choose your favorite sing-along tunes. Choose one song and your iPhone or iPod will display the lyrics and the play the tunes. It will then listen to you sing, and tries to match your voice (called the received voice) and the expected voice and tells you the difference between the two.

You can even hear yourself make a mistake, with the software making the parts where you were off-key sound even worse if you listen through your microphone. A great singer on the other hand will be treated to a playback that is flawless and astounding.

But if you are using speakers instead of headphones, your off-key moments would come out more as a fuzz, letting you save face when your notes fall flat.

Not contented in letting you hear it for yourself; you will also be given a full appraisal after you sing. Think of it as your own personal music coach!

If this is going to succeed, the next time you are in a karaoke place with a particularly bad singer hounding the stage, make sure to download the iKaraoke app and let them know what your iPhone thinks! Or perhaps, you should practice your songs first to make sure that you wow everybody in the audience!

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