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App Ideas: Two Great Apps That You Could Copy


NOTE: BeQRious’ App Ideas series features great mobile apps that we think would be a great starting board if you are looking to build apps to promote your business, products or services. We think that apps are a great complement to your marketing mix, giving you the chance to have top of mind recall with your customers, as well as giving back something to your customers with your apps’ features and functionalities! Check out our earlier app ideas!


Microsoft on Apple? You bet. Microsoft has a couple of apps on the iOS, but one of the best we’ve seen is Photosynth. Photosynth basically helps you get seamless panorama pictures easily and with as little effort as possible.

Its first version had 4.4 million downloads and was given an average of 4 stars. Photosynth lets you capture panoramas from left to right and up and down, making your panoramas even richer in detail.

After you get your panorama, you can share it with your friends on Facebook, or put it up on Bing Maps.


If you are an astronomy buff, you would love Skyview. Hey, even if you aren’t, you would appreciate how this app brings you closer to the stars.

You could get information about a particular object in the sky, such as a star or constellation. You could know if you’re looking at a planet or a bright star. Learn more about them with some tidbits of information and trivia. You could even know if there’s a full moon tonight or where the sun would rise.

This works very much like Google SkyMap, but it has a lot of add-ons such as great 3D graphics and interesting information about the celestial object you’re looking at.

But what makes Skyview really stand out is its search function. So if you are trying to look for Jupiter or Venus, you could just do a search and then follow the arrows to locate it. This is great if you want to check something out, like a comet approaching, or a satellite on its orbit.

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