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App Ideas: Oink


Oink might be a weird name for a reviews app, but apparently it works. Oink is a great app that allows you to easily rank everything around you.

You must be thinking that it is yet another review app. So what?

But while it is a review app per se, it differs from other apps. Whereas other apps make your review of a restaurant or a coffee shop, Oink forces you to review a particular dish in the restaurant or a certain frappuccino in the coffee shop.

It may be a small change, but because the app lets you rate actual items, Oink users would be able to find the best french fries faster than any other review apps.

For example, you go into The Heavenly Coffee House, you click on Discover, and you find specific food reviewed for the coffee shop. These are ranked accordingly depending on the number of reviewers and the reviews left. You can then choose to order the top three items or so.

This is also perfect for those situations where you hate the place but can’t live without their food. For example, you can rate Joe’s Diner lowly on other review apps, but still give a glowing review for their tender and yummy lamb chops.

Rating is easier too. You just find the item or add it and then just click on a button (you can “love” it, “like” it, or “disapprove” it). So you really don’t have to write lengthy reviews that are just such a hassle when you are wolfing down that pizza you love so much.

But unlike other apps, Oink also allows you to leave a comment that you could use to explain why you loved a certain item or not.

You can also see what your friends are “Oinking” too. So far, the app now boasts of more than 100,000 users and is growing every minute.

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