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App Ideas: Four Apps That Extend or Complement Their Websites


BeQRious.com has been recommending iPhone apps that have succeeded.  Meaning, these apps give great user experience while also extending the iPhone’s functionality.  These are the apps that you could learn from when trying to decide what kind of app you’d like to create for your own business.

Today we look at Web services that made a great transition to apps.  Basically, these apps either mimic what their Web-based brothers had done or extend the functionality of either the website itself or the iPhone.

1.  Dropbox

Dropbox is a free app that allows you to use a sync folder on your computer.  It would take all your files inside the sync folder and upload it to the cloud.  Once there, you can access your files on your iPhone.  For most of your files, you can view it directly, or you could download it to view it offline.



2. Skype.

Everyone who has ever found the need to call somebody from their computers knows what Skype is.

The Skype app lets you take all the web functionality to your iPhone.  Log into your Skype account and chat with or call your contacts.

Skype also allows you to save on your phone bills.



3. Dictionary.com

If you ever felt the need to argue what a certain word means, or want to find out how to pronounce a word when you are out of your office or home, then the Dictionary.com app should prove to be your best friend.

This app actually gives you access to more than a million word definitions and synonyms, as well as audio recordings on how each word is pronounced.



4. Twitter for the iPhone.

Twitter’s official app is everything that other Twitter clients should be.  It has a great user interface, multi-account support, and basically allows you to do everything that you could on the Web-based version.

Composing new tweets, retweeting and tweeting pictures have never been easier!



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