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Anticipation Over Google’s To-Be-Launched Tablet


There has been lots of news about how Google is about to come in as a fast challenger in the tablet scene. The rampant rumors was confirmed by Google’s very own executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, who said that the premium tablet could be hitting the market in six months’ time…which means that they HAVE been working on it for a pretty long time…as long as those rumors has been around, probably. 

This serves as good news to tech enthusiasts because this is coming from the very company that brought about the Android fever. 

What is interesting is that instead of setting itself against tech firms that already has tablet products out there, Google says that the tablet that it will launch is going to be PREMIUM. When mentioning premium, I am guessing the price will be a lot higher and it should come with many other (at the point of writing this article) unheard-of tools. Google’s known for making headlines with new stuff for people to catch on.

In a lot of ways, I can see Google’s tablet going after the likes of Apple’s iPad instead of making people like Samsung Galaxy clamor for space on the store shelves. What we are expecting to see is better resolution for the screen, higher end cameras on the tablets, higher capacity for storage and perhaps longer battery life. Your guess is as good as mine and representatives are keeping mum about the features, teasing consumers with the press release.

The only thing that I can be absolutely sure of is that the tablet is going to come with the latest operating system, which is the Ice Cream Sandwich. (You will see that I have to use ‘at the point of writing this article’ a lot and that is because things in the world of technology gets old REALLY fast! One moment you are writing it and the very next moment, it is no longer true).

What I hope to see in the Google’s tablet is a better camera, I would have to admit. Currently, the iPad and Galaxy cameras are ‘adequate’. The pictures that these tablets take are not bad but they could really be better. Much better. It would be amazing if Google’s tablet could take near-professional pictures!

Another thing that I would like to see in Google’s tablet is something along the lines of Apple’s SIRI. Right now, other brand names attempted to duplicate SIRI’s ability but so far, SIRI continues to be the most accurate (and funniest) one of all. Believe you me, SIRI is highly entertaining when he/she wants to be. 

And the reason why I say ‘more accurate’ for SIRI is because people with non-American accents are finding it difficult to communicate with their device. For example, if you have a heavy southerner accent, an Asian accent or a British accent, SIRI misunderstands you a lot.

So, are YOU anticipating Google’s tablet as much as I am?


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