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Android Smart Phones Taken To A New Level


During the recent Dow Jones Wireless Innovations 2009 conference, we noticed something new hit the market and I can’t say I’m not excited. For those of us who are into wireless technology, we should be exicited about the new release announced by 3banana Inc. They’ve launched the first Android note-taking application recently. The application allows for quick note-taking, creating, scanning and decoding QR Codes. To take it a step further, they’ve incorporated interactivity with the package too. As long as a user uses the application on their Android-smart phones, they can instantly take their note-taking to another level by sharing it with their friends, family, fans or online contacts instantly.

And this can be done from, literally, anywhere in the world, their mobile phones.

The application makes sharing of a QR Code image scanned into a mobile phone very simple and easy. One of the representatives present said that sharing of QR Codes saved into a phone is a fantastic way to forward a note from one person to another. The only downside is that the users would have to use an Android phone – but in a couple of years, we suspect that would cease to be a problem at all.

The Dow Jones Wireless Innovations conference was a true eye-opener on many different levels because it introduced us to FUTURISTIC wireless technology that would change our lives in the very near future. QR Codes, as can be seen during the conference, will be the future of the world – if what Google’s participation and action is anything to go by.

Te new release from 3banana, as presented during that day, can generate and scan QR codes. On top of that, it was announced that it makes online note-taking, sharing and discussing much more convenient and instantaneous. On the Android smart phone, the user scans a QR Code, synch the notes to a 3banana online notebook and then share it online on the internet.

The user has complete control over the privacy of these notes and discussions and I personally see that as a step forward. A technology that was once reserved for large corporations and elite individuals is now affordably made available to everyone and that can’t be a bad thing.

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