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Android-Only Apps that iPhone Users Would Want: Part 4


Google’s Android vs. Apple’s iOS. We can argue ourselves blue as to which one is the better OS. But one thing is for sure: there are certain Android apps that are not available on Apple’s App Market. And lucky for you, we have a list of these apps that your Apple-loving friends could only salivate over.

If you have joined us only now, you should know that we have recommended other Android-only apps in earlier installments of this series.

Part 1: SwiftKey and Advanced Task Killer

Part 2: Google Gesture Search and Swype

Part 3: Mr. Legs, Google Wallet and Astro File Manager

Can’t get enough? Here are more Android-only apps you may want to take advantage of:


We would be the first to admit that Sandago is not really much to look at. In fact, it is highly pixelated. But this is a great game that allows you to pour sand so that you could collect enough to clear it.


The game play is like Tetris but instead of blocks you have sand. You pour sand of the same color and wait until it glows. When it does, you can tap on it to make it go away.

Puzzle Forge

This is basically a match 3 game wherein you match together three elements to create a weapon that you then sell to customers. You can create 70 different weapons and unlock 10 different heroes.


This is very similar to Triple Town, but instead of getting stuck with a city that is filled to capacity and would make a prime example of horrible city planning, you are able to sell off your weapons, upgrade your forge and unlock items. The gameplay is guaranteed to keep you occupied for hours, and even days on end!

Do you have any other Android only apps that you know about? Share it in the comments!

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