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Android-Only Apps that iPhone Users Would Want: Part 1


iPhone and Android devices will always be at war with one another. More than anything, however, it is not going to be the features that people are going to be pitting against, but the apps.

For quite some time, there have been a whole lot of apps that iPhone users had exclusive access to. For instance, it took nine months for that widely popular game Angry Birds to have an Android version. Same thing with Instagram, which only appeared on Android this year, after years of lording it over the iOS landscape as the best photo sharing app.

But it is time for Android to hit back. Here are the apps that iOS users could only wish they had.

Advanced Task Killer

One of the problems of having an Android device is that you tend to have a lot of applications running in the background. Advanced Task Killer allows you to kill these running applications in one go.


This will help you avoid having a very slow session or having an app hog your much needed memory.


Whether it is text messaging or composing an e-mail, you would just love a predictive input that suits your style. Swiftkey can give that to you with its very accurate suggestions.

The app analyzes all of your text messages to see all the words that you have used so far and comes up with its own algorithm based on this. The next time you type something on your Android phone, it will give you useful suggestions so that you spend less time typing your message.


These are just two apps that iOS users are missing out on. There are definitely more, so join us for the next installment of this list of top Android Apps, and we might just convince you to give away your old iPhone and get an Android powered device!

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