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Well, to say that you can balance your whole accounts on your phone would be stretching things a little too far but to say that we can better keep track of our expenditure and control our spending would be realistic and practical. There are plenty of Android apps out there in Google Market for everyone and anyone and different people prefer different apps. Some prefer theirs cleancut, others prefer extensive analysis and reports. Some prefer theirs easy-to-use and others like their Financial apps exportable so that they can combine the data with their accounts spreadsheet on their laptops and personal computers.

Well, there are too many to name them all but these Finance tools have been named some of the best (at the point of this blog post).

One of my personal favorite is ProOnGo Expense. It is NOT the best there is in the market but it is most definitely worth checking out because…well…for one, it is free to use. It lets you track your expenses, mileage with GPS tracking, lets you organize whether you spent money with your credit card or cash for business or personal reasons via the category function. It is simple and clutter-less and that is why it tops my personal list of favorite financial Android app.

But when talking about the BEST financial tool I have ever tried before, it would have to be Toshl Finance. What makes me give Toshl extra brownie points is because I like their budgeting tool! It makes a difference especially when you are on a budget but is dragged out to the mall by your bestfriend! However, if you’ve set $15 for the day and you’ve only spent $10, you get to carry the balance $5 over to tomorrow and use it then.

PageOnce takes it a step further because you can keep your bills organized and pay them and record them so that you will never forget whether a bill’s been paid or not. Amazing for busy modern people who keeps forgetting the fact that their bill is due for payment a couple of weeks ago.

And since we are onto the topic of money, I think you would really get a huge kick out of XE.com and FX’s Currency apps. They work with real time information and rates so that you can use it overseas. Sometimes when we are overseas, we tend to forget how much it is actually costing us because if it is in pounds or yen or Australian dollar, it looks like an OK price because it is right there with all the other products price-tagged with the same currency. You will only know the real price when converted to the country’s currency.

If you have your own personal favorite financial Android app, share it with me and the other readers in the comments section!

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