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Android Controls Forty Eight Percent of Smartphone Market


While loyal Apple fans may find it a little off-putting, it needs to be said that when one compares the price of an Apple product with an Android one, whichever brand it is that you prefer, one would wonder if loyalty is enough to keep the fans from going off tangent. This is especially true for Apple developers who faced tremendous problems with finding a single, uniform method for ensuring top performance for advertising campaigns via UDID.

This is not to say that Apple fans are jumping ship but let’s just say that even Apple fans have at least one Android device now so, they are basically making the most out of the best of both worlds. Google Play is not perfect either; it is hard to control the quality of the apps that make their appearances on Google Play. Any developer can come up with their very own app and place apps on them. There is no regulating body that steps in to control the quality of the apps but the good news is that Android lovers are also quite a supportive group of people. Users will not hesitate to leave comments and rate the apps to help others decide whether they want to download the app or not. Google Play’s team of editors also has a huge role to play in helping people decide which the best free and paid apps are.

According to reports by Nielsen, Android controls more than forty eight percent of the smartphone market. iOS, on the other hand, controls quite a strong number of people as well, standing at thirty two percent. But that is not the astonishing fact. What is mind-boggling is the fact that Google recently said that there are nearly eight hundred and fifty thousand Android devices being activated everyday. Yes….every day. The company also reported that there is already more than fifteen BILLION app downloads from the former Market AND the current Google Play.

At the end of the day, for business owners and advertisers, the bottom line is always the dollar sign. So, how is Google Android performing against Apple’s monetization methods. Obviously, Apple is a roaring success when it comes to monetizing apps because Android has only been able to generate twenty four percent of what iOS can draw in. As big as the gap is, industry experts say that the gap is most certainly closing.

A good advice to developers is to treat Android as an equal to iOS, instead of making minor adjustments to an Apple app and then tossing it into Google Play, more like an after-thought. An app would be a complete success if they paid made sure it worked just as well on Android as it would on an iOS platform.

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