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It has been years on end that Apple is seen chasing down and suing its competitors, especially the aggressive ones like Samsung and in the past couple of years, it became obvious to Apple that they had to do something to stop the other brands from eating away at its loyal market share. Suffice to say, Apple is fighting not brand names, but they are fighting affordability. While it is fair to say that Apple dominates (doubtlessly) when it comes to exclusivity, loyalty and quality products, they must be feeling the heat because their loyal consumers are starting to give other Android devices a chance.

It was reported that although Apple fought back with the amazing iPhone 5, this year, as far as global stats is concerned, the impact seems quite limited in a way. A report by Gartner says that Android experienced a far more impressive Q4 sales overall and a sales jump from 2011 to 2012 nearly doubling up. This is not to say, in case you are wondering and is ready to fight back with your own stats, Apple made a loss. No, they did not. Apple continued to see an increase in sales but not the same way Android did.

Last year, Apple sold eight thousand more units in Q4 compared to 2011 in total. That is encouraging for Apple – it shows that they are not merely retaining their loyal customers, they are getting more recognition for their continued impressive progress. The bigger picture, however, reveals that within the same timeframe, there were sixty seven thousand new Android owners out there last year compared to 2011! Records like this shows that Android not just grew exponentially, they ate away at their competitors’ shares….yes, including Apple’s market share.

Needless to say, the name to come out on top is Samsung, all thanks to their super aggressive marketing and promotions. They have, by the way, sold more products which were not Android-related too. Although Samsung is set to be the leader in the smartphone market in the next few years if their marketing continues to be this strong, Nokia and Sony are not prepared to sit out the loss. You can bet your bottom dollar that they are probably loading their weapons right now, all ready for a tech-war. We are not sure how Blackberry is coming back though we are sure they are not going to be sitting back and stressing out but suffice to say, with the name ‘Galaxy’ being a synonym for Android right now, the battle is going to be quite tough.

What is really interesting is this…Motorola. We all thought it was dead, didn’t we? It was a name that is destined for the brand-junkyard, isn’t it? However, never should we forget the fact that the new owner for Motorola is none other than Google.

Doesn’t it make you wonder how everything is going to roll out since Google’s in the Android battle together with Samsung and some other brand names? Can Motorola be Google’s Ace card?

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