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With all this talk about technology, is it possible for our devices, be it our cell phone or tablets or laptops, help us be more in tune with Mother Earth? Can these power-sucking electronics counter the damage that we have made to our planet? Well, some people believe we can and although, I am NOT a person with a green thumb (don’t like dirt under my finely painted fingernails), here are some apps and sites that can help you move closer to our origin.

By the way, if you have a green thumb or aspire to have one (or two), it is an amazingly therapeutic way to de-stress and exercise too. Just digging in itself is already quite a bit of work. Somehow, looking at or caring for those plants is relaxing (so I have been told).

A simple one would be a reminder app that reminds you to water your plants. How easy it is for us to forget that in our everyday lives. We move at lightning speed with 10,000 thoughts going through our heads and with phones ringing, emails arriving, colleagues shouting, bosses screaming and deadlines approaching….we forget to water our plants. Hence, there is an app on Android market that can help you remember to water your plants and tell you that the plants could all possibly be wailing with thirst inside.

For something a little more comprehensive, try the Food Gardening Guide which is, apparently, the country’s leading organic gardening magazine. There, you can find ample information that can turn your thumb green even if you do not yet have one. What you can trust from the magazine and app is that the information is coming from leading experts, so you can be sure that if you follow the instructions and advice to the tee, you will have your very own healthy little organic garden very soon. Head over to Mother Earth News for the deets. </>

This Android app costs USD$2.50 upon last check but today, Gardenate costs USD$1.06 for each download. It might not be free (as with many other apps there are in the Market) but based on the reviews and what people has been saying about the app, it is well worth the $1.06. There are calendars where you can set stuff up to remind you and instructions to ensure successful growing of the herbs and plants in your garden. Because gardening is dependent on the weather, soil and the location of the gardener, some people reckoned that the app might only be useful for those in the US, Australia, NZ and also UK. Not sure if it is OK with and for people in Asia and other parts of the world where the weather is completely different.

If you have used any of the app before and have comments to share with our readers, please do write it here in the comments section. Would love to hear your side of the story.

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