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An Evolution For The Mobile Marketing Industry


The number of times you are going to spot a QR Code in the United States is said to be on a rapid rise because this is not only an internet evolution and revolution…it is also a mobile one. Instead of having to be desk-bound to gain access to the internet, the internet, the world is in everyone’s pockets. Not that it was so wayward in 2009. But the fact remains – there are more people accessing the internet on their cell phones now than before.

A QR Code, if you are not familiar with it, is a more than just a barcode. It acts like a hyperlink like this one: www.beqrious.com. When a cell phone user uses a QR Code reader to scan the QR Code (with the phone’s camera), it will lead the user to a specific content. It can be images, online files, facebook pages, twitter page, website, blog, an article found on the internet or even a portfolio or resume! The diversity and flexibility of the said system is so astounding that it is a surprise that people outside of Japan’s not caught the QR bug sooner.

However, the good news is that US is slowly but surely crossing into the QR Code zone. More people are beginning to see the benefits of being able to access online consumer reviews about books or movies before they decide if it was for them at all.

The acceptance is very apparent in the fact that Google’s caught on and were seen sending out stickers with QR Codes on them to retailers (who are popular) who are listed in Google listing. Recently, Long Beach in Washington is on a mission to put QR Codes on tourist destinations to help tourist learn more about the individual places, the history, and other interesting tidbits. Sure, we used to have that when we read brochures and read the signs near these destinations but now, the difference is that now, we can interact with others on the spot and also gain access to videos and audio files.

Some newspapers and magazines are also seen publishing QR Codes along with their advertisements and articles to help readers gain unique information about the topics being written about. And Sports Illustrated also promoted their swimwear prints by placing QR Code in subways that led to videos.

Do you have to pay a truckload of money to generate your own QR Code? Absolutely not. In fact, head on over here to our very FREE QR Code generator and try it out.

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