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An All-In QR Code Tool Hits The Market


Having a difficult time finding a QR Code reader that doesn’t stall every so often? Having trouble scanning the codes because of shoddy work from QR Code reader developers? Fed up of the slow loading time whenever you wanted instant information via QR Codes?

Well, we heard that there is something new in the market that can be of use to you. That would be codeREADr for iPhones.

It is not a free application because users are required to pay a monthly fee of USD9.99 for each iPhone. The application is said to be a very secure application that not only scans but also tracks (real time) and validates data that has been embedded into the codes.

With one single program, you can scan, track and record. codeREADr is, indeed, interesting.

It seems that users of the application can conduct surveys, insert their own data and transmit the data into the World Wide Web instantly via their phones.

Worried about security of the information? Well, apparently, the data transmitted between the phones and servers is heavily encrypted via wireless internet and also 3G networks. Reviewers boasts of super high speed when transmitting the information.

Business people can even use the application to control events, manage work flow of projects, check attendance, document, inventory, asset and lead tracking for business people. It sounds like this application can do a whole bunch of things that common QR Code fans and users won’t be needing, hence, the target market being professionals and those in the marketing and branding industry.

Don’t think a teenager or a blue collar worker is willing to fork out $9.99 a month for such extensive tools that they may end up not using. However, for someone in the online and mobile marketing industry, this application sounds heaven-sent.

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