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American Airlines Open Up To 2D Barcode Boarding Pass Idea

The Europeans have also caught on with this new method…and on Thursday, so have the American Airlines. On Thursday, they tried this new method out for the very first time on passengers boarding local domestic flights. On a smaller test-driving scale, passengers boarding domestic flights of the O’Hare International Airport in Chicago got the chance to use this paperless technology.

Since this new phenomenon is rather new to Americans, the American Airlines is offering this as an option for domestic flights…for the time being. The mobile phone boarding pass option is open to passengers boarding flights towards LA International and John Wayne Orange County airports.

Considering how new this 2D barcode boarding pass idea is, it’s not surprising to find that while the authorities are fine-tuning their system allowing time for passengers to get used to the idea, there are many limitations to this option at this point in time. For those who are caught unawares, here’s how the 2D barcode airline ticketing system works. Passengers will receive their ‘ticket’ via email provided during signup in the form of a 2D barcode. Before boarding time, the authorities will have the passenger open the email on their mobile phone device and scan the barcode at the checkpoints and gates. Just like a conventional airline ticket, passengers can use the 2D barcode when checking their luggage in and other check-in facilities.

As of Monday, the response to this new ticketing method has received warm welcome but through time, perhaps more people will warm up to this 2D barcode airline ticketing method.

However, at this point in time, the restrictions are many because of minor issues that remain unsolved and unaddressed. Passengers can only use

Group ticket booking is a no-go right now, so, in order to book a ticket via this 2D barcode airline ticketing system, passengers can only reserve their own personal ticket themselves and it has to be on an American or American Eagle non-stop flight. The 2D barcode ticketing system is not available yet to people with flight changes in between.

This, we’re thinking, is only the tip of the iceberg because as we explore the technology, many things has become possible and many mobile phones come with internet connectivity. Very simply, using one’s mobile phone as a boarding pass makes perfect sense.

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