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Amazon Is Changing Its Website: Why You Should Change Yours Too


Amazon.com, the premiere online retailer for books and other stuff, is reportedly trying out a new website design that industry watchers are saying would make the site more fit for tablets.

Reports from the Wall Street Journal indicated that Amazon is streamlining the current design and has eliminated most of the elements that cluttered its homepage. The new site design now has less buttons, a larger search box and no left navigational column.

Amazon is also putting more emphasis on digital media. The new site reportedly has one row of buttons for digital books, music, software and video.

All of this is seen as a move to make it easier for tablet users to navigate the site and buy more digital content.

BeQRious.com thinks that this is a great way to stay current. We all know that a site redesign is a touchy matter for a consumer-facing site and a hugely successful one at that. Customers are used to your previous site design, do changing it could lead to possible loss of sales and confusion on the part of your consumers.

But because of the growing number of people who use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, you cannot just stay stagnant. Take an iPad and try to browse your own site, if you find yourself miffed by the current design, then it is time to create a new site design that makes it easier for people to go through your site if they’re browsing through it using a tablet.

People are always on-the-go. More and more people are not only using mobile devices to surf the Web, but there are also a growing number of people who surf the Web exclusively on mobile devices. If you do not give them a positive experience with your site, they will not buy from you. Worse, they will no longer return to your site.

It’s time that you should update your site to make it more mobile friendly. The good news is that it is no longer very expensive to hire an experienced designer to do so! Just do your research and contact one, and you’d be on your way to ensuring that you don’t lose sales!

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