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Along with smartphones, in comes smartdiapers?


For countless years, baby diaper manufacturers have been trying to make new improvements to their products. There are easily removable ones, and then there are ones that does not even need to be strapped on only to be worn like normal, ordinary pants. But manufacturers of these baby diapers are strapped on for an even bigger leap…the making of smart diapers. Whether these new diapers are going to do the job that they have been designed to do is another story but at this point in time, the aim is to let parents know when something is up with their precious bundle of joy.

In short, these manufacturers are coming up with a type of diaper with QR Codes printed on them. The smart diaper has urine test strips embedded to the insides of the diaper layer which catches and reacts to urine at the super absorbent areas. The result is reflected on the QR Code, telling parents whether they should be alarmed or everything is a-ok. But that’s not where it ends. If per chance, the parents see that the result isn’t as it should be, a smartphone with a QR Code reader will upload the results onto the internet and on the web itself, parents will see if there is something they should worry about or if they should immediately get in touch with their pediatrician.

Right now, according to reports, they are cloud funding their project which they project will help parents reveal signs of urinary tract infections, dehydration, kidney problems and also type 1 diabetes (beat that). Urinary Tract Infection, or UTI, is a pretty common problems for babies and kids…the surprising thing is that most babies and kids get them at least once before they reach the age of twenty four months. The problem with getting UTI at that age is that the said affected persons are not at an age whereby the can vocalize their problems to their parents. UTI, although thought of as a mere nuisance rather than something to worry about, can lead to kidney infections which can…needless to say, lead to further complications as they get older.

All of this is amazing…it is a great idea and it makes me wish there was something like this, for me, when my kids were little. It would have given me a few more hours of sleep every night. But the problem with something like this is privacy.

What you are uploading onto the cloud computing system is information about your kid and their health. Can it be traced down to your child? What other information are they sending? Worse yet, can it be traced right down to who, where, when and what your child is doing at any given time? It’s worrying. But the manufacturers are quick to assure consumers that they will never store and share information of your child with anyone but it will be used for academic purposes.

Anyway, if you have about four minutes of spare time, watch this video.

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