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All Dolled-Up For Sidewalk Catwalk


New York City’s really living things up and embracing QR Code technology with full force these days. A couple of months ago, we wrote about a cow being placed with QR Codes…not a real one but a dummy cow, of course, although we won’t be surprised if a real cow got a QR Code tattoo on it. Hey, it’s NYC…anything’s possible.

So, here we have it….30 mannequins all dressed up for the limelight. The thing is that these mannequin will wear some type of barcode. We do question why these mannequins are not using QR Codes instead. It would have been so much more versatile for the event if they did use the slightly more popular QR Codes.

Anyway, these naked attractions is part of the Sidewalk Catwalk project which is happening in Broadway Fashion District is also a public art exhibition heightened to a new level never seen before.

Of course, we all know that the fashion industry has caught on with the QR Code fad big time when famous designers, big brand names all jumped onto the bandwagon by turning the plain-looking QR Codes into fantastic works of art.

We think QR Code becomes, not only a vehicle for these creative souls, QR Code is treated like a blank canvas for them to play around with. It is becoming increasingly interesting to see how creative people can get with technology.

For the sidewalk catwalk project, the designers not only had to contend with the design, they had to deal extensively with the possibility of creating weather-proof clothing out of ordinary materials. There are currently thirty-off mannequins out there in the popular Manhattan clothing and fabric district. Locals should head out there armed with your smart phones, really. This is truly a one-of-a-kind catwalk, so to speak.

But there’s no hurry. The sidewalk catwalk will remain to be a public exhibition and major tourist attraction from June 24th till September 3rd. So, any time between now till the end-date, you can still see the awesome gimmick for yourself.

Maybe, for future projects, QR Codes will be the technology of choice.

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