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Additional Tips to Making an Effective Call to Action Button


BeQRious has already discussed the importance of call to action pages and how to create an effective one to help convert your visitors into customers, subscribers and users. More than this, we have also given you tips on how to come up with effective call to action buttons.

Now, we give you more tips on coming up with effective call to action buttons:

1. It is okay to give more information.

Most people would tell you that you should not clutter your page so that people’s attention are immediately directed to the call to action button. But if you have relevant information that you think would help persuade the user to click on your button, then put it up.

However, make the additional information less prominent than your call to action button, so that the attention would still be on the button.

2. Use the good old arrow.

The main point of call to action buttons is to make sure that people see your offers and that they act upon that offer by clicking on the button. The best way to direct your visitors’ attention to your call to action button is a simple arrow.

Web site studies have shown that arrows successfully direct your eyes to a certain area, even if the page has too many elements on it. It also helps people determine where they should be looking at and where they should be clicking.

3. Use a great visual element.

Similar to arrows in that they also direct attention to your call to action buttons are great visual elements. These can also help you create a great general feel and look to your site. Unlike arrows, graphics can help enforce your branding and your message, such as this chef pointing out the call to action button for restaurant website owners!

These are pretty simple tips to add to your existing call to action buttons, but they will prove valuable to making your call to action buttons more effective and noticeable!

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