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Adding A Mobile Touch To Lottery Tickets


While not one to encourage gambling, I found this news quite fun…surprisingly. But that is because I am in touch with people who like a few innocent (and hopeful) rounds of lottery buying. Anyway, Virginia Lottery is a lottery vending company that not only gives players hope, entertainment and fun, they have always been in the front running for being one of the most compassionate lottery companies in the country. It was recently reported that Virginia Lottery contributed more than $5 billion to Commonwealth countries in hope of building more public schools. 

All for a good cause, I guess. 

Virginia Lottery hit my radar not because it was supportive towards charitable causes, it caught my eye because it was in the grapevine that the company has teamed up with some advertising big shots for a mobile marketing campaign. Looks like the company is set to beef up user experience and invite players to be more interactive with them on their phones. 

If you purchased a lottery ticket from one of Virginia Lottery’s vending machines, take notice to see if you can find a QR Code stuck onto the machine. Apparently, the QR Code will tell players about the odds, recent games played, payouts to recent winners and more information to help curious people find out their chances of winning, and whether they should invest their precious hard earned dollars on the lottery ticket. 

The company also aims to improve interaction with players by keeping them more in the loop about everyday games and draws. There is something called the Virginia Lottery loyalty club (yes, pretty much like a Starbucks loyalty program, I suppose) whereby loyal customers get to stay informed about winning numbers and alerts for draws. The alerts, apparently, is an extremely crucial part of the program because players WANT to know when the jackpot hits a certain limit. 

I think it would be safe to assume that the QR Code will also be printed onto the tickets themselves, aside from being on the vending machine. The QR Code also is promoting the company’s Holiday Scrather games which are sent out to consumers on their phones. 

Representatives from the company reportedly said that the QR Code campaign was launched in hope of offering consumers a far richer and more interactive experience when purchasing lottery tickets from the company. 



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