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ACU Keeps Students Informed Of Activities Via QR Codes On Campus


You might think that it’s a funny type of art. Or perhaps it’s a new trend in the interior design industry. ACU recently started posting some QR Codes around the campus and it is drawing some unprecedented attention from students. Non-techy students are found gawking curiously at them while tech-savvy students scanned them either for fun or for information.

For ACU, the QR Codes are mainly used to help inform and help students stay abreast with university activities and also to help organize a team of people they call Team 55 and help them stay in touch with each other. Some of the QR Codes can be scanned so that contact information is instantly downloaded and saved into the cell phone users’ phone.

QR Codes is known as quick response code – and for a very good reason too. The technology is so amazingly useful that there is a big sweeping interest the world over. Advertising agencies are hopping onto them like they are the next best invention after the internet. And some may be inclined to think that they are…the next best thing after the internet’s creation.

The codes are used links to the online world. For instance, if you have a smart phone with you and a QR Code reader in the phone, you could scan the barcode that you see on the header of this website and you’ll be taken to…well, this website. But the point is that, QR Codes act as a very QUICK link to the online world.

ACU is fully capatilizing on the fact that students are busy, they’re in a rush and do not have the time to copy down a link and then browse around for the information that they wish to find later when they get home. If they wanted to find out more about a tuition class, they scan it and go. It will be all there on their cell phones as they walk down the corridor to their next class.

Team 55 is the help desk manager team managing the whole campaign. They are trying to ensure that QR Code enhances campus life whereby information is instant. This gives, the organizers believe, students more time to organize their classes, activities and events that they want to attend. If there was a new student in campus and he/she is lost, a QR Code can be used to point the new student in the right direction.

And there are countless other things that we can do in the library like placing QR Codes on books so that information about the books is in the palm of their hands.

A representative of ACU cited that the reason for the QR Code campaign is convenience. Students lead rushed lives and if they see a poster for something that they wish to attend, they often do not have the time to stop to take a look. With QR Codes, they scan it and browse as they go.

On top of that, being the first few Universities in the country to use, ACU’s going to get a good name along the way.

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