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Activists Take On QR Code Technology

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It is always great for us when we hear about campaigns kicking off and how people are putting their faith in the convenience and effectiveness of QR Codes.

It is such a delight to hear news that political activists in Germany are taking to the tool very well. Political activism is nothing new, it’s everywhere, in all countries around the world. It is the only way people can get their voices heard and it helps governments connect and get feedback from the citizens as well. Suffice to say that their activities take on many forms and evolve with their means of communicating with each other. So, now that mobile technology has reached a borderless stage, no doubt political activists will hop onto the QR Code train. We are not sure if the German activists are the first to use QR Code to voice their opinions.

The seemingly simple QR Codes are now being used to connect people of like-mind, share information and arrange events. It is also because of its simplicity that people like using QR Codes…easy and quick. And of course, needless to say, its popularity and quick adoption by some is due to the fact that creating a QR Code is absolutely free. QR Code technology is currently being used by marketers and sales people in Germany too but this is the first time we are hearing about it entering the sensitive political arena.

Before this, animal activists group in Germany, NOAH, championed their causes and events using QR Codes too. The organization created and printed QR Codes that led to mobile sites, online social networking accounts to educate, promote and encourage the protection of animal rights. The QR Codes printed on posters, leaflets, products and hand-out materials proved to be popular and were widely scanned. One of the QR Codes showcased online videos that educated consumers about how cosmetics experiments and tests were done and how the lab animals were experimented on using dangerous chemicals and products. It also showed consumers ways to stop the abuse of animal rights and what they can do to support their cause.

The bad news is that ill intentioned people also hopping onto the QR Code bandwagon. So, our advice to our readers is to be cautious but not weary. Scan only QR Codes that are not suspicious, from trusted companies, brands and organizations. If there isn’t an explanation about where the QR Code will lead to, it is probably safer not to scan it.

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