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A Win-Win Recycling Effort For Londoners


Recycling is important and should be a conscious effort for everyone. It is sad that people don’t pay much attention to it and rely on ‘others’ to do it instead. That is why some London authorities and responsible companies are starting to promote recycling…by rewarding them.

We all know that some of the things that we place into bins can be recycled and most of us ignore those recycle bins, instead placing everything into the general trash bin. If you are in High Street or West End and shop there often, please do take note of these QR Codes and scan them because by scanning the codes, you are automatically entered into a contest for a twenty pound voucher. The QR Codes can be found on the bins themselves so, do look around and find them.

It was said in the press statement that there are right about six hundred bins in and around both Camden and Westminster itself and they all have a QR Code on them. The councils’ aim is to eliminate twenty five thousand tons of litter there and recycle them. That would, according to the same report, would save the councils one million pounds.

That is a rather large amount of savings, not to mention that increased effort to encourage people to recycle is good for Mother Earth as well, so thumbs up to both councils for initiating the effort.

The budget has been set at two thousand four hundred and sixty pounds and the vouchers will be given away on an everyday basis and if I were there in London, I would scan the code once a day. The voucher may only be valued at twenty pounds each but let’s look at the bigger picture. Westminster council said that approximately seventy percent of street litter could be recycled but were not. With the QR Codes, the councils hope that more people will make an effort to do their bit for the environment and the city that they live in.

The councilor did say that the QR Code marketing campaign is a win-win situation for everyone. Participants get the voucher, the council makes a nice profit from recycling, the planet benefits from it while participating businesses get a branding and promotion exercise. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

I couldn’t agree more.

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