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A-Third Of Our World Is Connected To The Internet


You might not have believed it at first but when UN’s International Telecommunication Union said that they expected year 2010 to be a year of internet explosion, nobody really believed them. How could it be possible for there to be an explosion when, quite literally, everyone we know already have internet access? Well, the numbers tells us a different story.

It was predicted that by the end of 2010, we will have more than two whopping million internet users globally. This increase is expected because of the incredible increase in the number of mobile internet users. So, even if a person was not connected at the desktop or laptop, they will access information via their smart phones.

To be specific, at last count done at the end of 2010, planet earth is home to 2.08 billion internet users compared to tabulations done the year before which stood at 250 million users.

What this means to the QR Code marketing industry is that more people are now connected even when they are on the move. More companies and brand names can now reach their intended target market without relying on conventional marketing strategies or even search engines! Astounding how things have changed.

As we have said before, together with the surge in number of people with smart phones and mobile internet comes the rise in the number of people who want to explore QR Codes. In the bus, train, in traffic and in queues, QR Code serves as the mobile link to online information that serves to feed the hungry and inquisitive minds of individuals everywhere in the world.

This number is important also because it means that approximately one-third of the world is now connected to each other with that device that they have tucked into their pockets or handbags early in the morning.

To make things even more interesting, more than five-hundred-and-fifty-five million people have fixed broadband access and nine-hundred-and-fifty million people have mobile broadband. Take some time to digest that…that is 950 million people who can access the internet on the go.

Who’s questioning the fact that more people will be using QR Codes now than ever before? Not many, we assume.

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