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A Read-Dy Good Idea For Libraries


The University of Bath in UK is at the forefront for using QR Codes in libraries and incorporating the use of the codes in their lessons. As much as I would like for our Universities to incorporate the use of these QR Codes, I think we’re lagging behind by a lot. But this is not to say that we’re not going to catch up – oh, we will…but I guess I am a little impatient about when it will happen.

It’s really interesting that University of Bath is already using QR Codes in their libraries to help the users find in-depth information by scanning QR Codes. The bar codes are found at the counter of the libraries so, if anyone wanted to find details about the books and whether they’re available, all they have to do is whip out their phones and scan the images. The library has a catalogue and if someone wanted to find a book on say….something along the lines of dinosaur bone structures, they walk up to the counter, scan the QR Code and viola….there you have it!

I’m not sure if they’ve implemented it but if they decide to print or stick a label of QR Code on each book and someone wanted to know more about the book before they borrow it, scanning and saving the QR Code into their phone would save them a lot of time. The QR Code could lead them to images, downloads, files, mobile web pages or other useful resources that they can read and keep for future reference. Let’s say the book is out on loan and the user really wanted the book. This person can save the image of the QR Code into his or her phone and come back later when the book is back on the shelves.

It would be brilliant.

I strongly recommend this to bookshops as well. For example, if you are interested in a book but are wondering if it’s worth your time and money, don’t you think it would make a world of difference if you could scan the QR Code and be led to a mobile web page containing reviews and comments about the book? It would be even better if you could find a web page whereby there’s price comparison and also be led to the blog of the author.

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