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A QR Ticketing System With One Standard Works Best


If you’ve not heard about Masabi, we don’t blame you. Masabi is a UK-based company that focuses on providing mobile phone billing services to companies, primarily, in the United Kingdom. With the recent development of mobile ticketing system that has been sweeping across the continent and other parts of the world, Masabi has been enlisted to come up with a mobile QR Code system that helps bring ease and convenience to people who board trains everyday.

At this point in time, there are not many options for people who wish to purchase their tickets via alternative methods. Despite the vast use of internet and mobile phones, most of the tickets bought are bought over the counter whenever the customers walked into the railway station. QR Code provides a brilliant alternative for people who wish to opt out of the conventional paper tickets. With QR Codes integrated, it simply means that people can now hang on to their mobile phones that contain so much information that they could just flash the phone at the scanners and board a train.

This spells ‘no more queues’ for people who use the train to travel on a daily basis. There’s one downside to this new development, though. We heard that Masabi, instead of using the original standards created by Denso-Wave in Japan, will be creating their very own new standards when implementing the QR Code ticketing system. As happy as we are about the new recent development, we feel that there is absolutely no need, whatsoever, to implement a new system simply because we need only one simple system. It’s crucial that all mobile phones can use the same system – otherwise, the issue of convenience and ease is obliterated.

In this instance, it’s crucial for Masabi to make use of an existing system that can be read and used universally. By implementing a new system, if could very well become confusing, expensive and purposeless. The QR bar codes created must be easily read by all types of phones with their own 2D barcode devices and readers.

If the system is to benefit anyone and everyone who uses the UK rail system, it has to be something that applies to everyone RIGHT NOW instead of forcing the consumers to adapt to a different standard completely which causes confusion and despair at a system that was meant to help instead of confuse.

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